• Aldo


Hisa Kal is not connected to the the main water supply but has two big water wells. The wells are filled by rainwater from the roof. This sounds a little strange for most of us but is quite normal in remote places.

Water is pumped from the wells, filtered and pumped into the water pipes of the house. In the house you do not notice that something is different. The water can be drunk but we advice against it because we cannot guarantee the quality. For rinsing and showering it is perfect. It tastes a little like when you eat snow! The glass in the shower shows no hard water stains and Romy's hair feels softer (as does my hair...) All good but we still need to drink ;-)

Of course you can buy water from the store but that leaves you with more empty plastic then the world needs... So, we asked the locals and glad we did. There is a water source from the mountain that many people use as drinking water. I never really tasted my water but now that I do...water from the mountain 😉

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